Wednesday, August 22, 2007

...Still cooking!

The oven's on high! 21 weeks and we visit the doctor tomorrow. Bob's kicked twice (actually he kicks all day long, Paul's only felt him twice.) The baby wakes up when he comes home from work around 3:00 (err...I mean 5:30 Mr. Paul B). Does anyone know why we are calling the baby B.O.B. (Baby On Board)? Now you do. We've assured ourselves of having a girl by convincing ourselves for 40 weeks that Bob is a boy (We're not finding out the sex and letting it be one of the great surprises in life...which also serves the double purpose of curbing Elise's ability to buy too many baby outfits). Even though she tried to peek at the sonographer's office the other day. tsk tsk. And Paul managed not to break anything in the doctor's office despite being immersed in a rather uncomfortable "female parts" situation.