Thursday, October 25, 2007

30 weeks!

Is it really becoming this obvious? Today I feel like this looks like me(minus the incredibly skinny arms and legs!) 30 weeks today....can't believe we have come this far...and that I'm still alive and moving! I actually made it to the gym today to make everyone else feel great about their figures.

This baby is still kicking like a wild thing! I am quite sure it is going to come out with a tiny pair of running shoes on (and a mini vest of Lebanese chest hair, if the heartburn/hair pregnancy rumor is true!) just like its father. I guess we'll just forgo the jogging stroller!

The baby's room is coming along quite nicely and might even be done by the time the baby turns 2. We will post a few pictures of our progress soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

28 weeks! For those of you that know Elise has never drank a full soda in one sitting in her life...until this morning! We're getting ready to head out for the 1 hr glucose test. Elise is on a sugar-high now (in this picture)...expect her to crash later this afternoon!

Bob's crib came last night. And Paul even managed to put it together...without having any left over screws (with Elise's help deciphering the Scandinavian pictogram instructions).