Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Someone please explain to me.....

Why those crazy little strings of characters that you occasionally have to decode and type before you send an email or leave a comment on someones blog, are so friggin hard to decipher?

this one is not as challenging as the ones provided to me by yahoomail. thanks yahoo.

I mean, seriously it is like the computer is saying "if you have bat-like vision, extreme patience and a Cracker Jack ring decoder you can send this email/comment" When did anyone in www start caring that I send an email to Aunt Nancy Pants saying that I loved the chap-stick of the month club gift? Geesh. Just let me send my boring email already. I consider myself to be an intelligent individual, according to my eye doctor, I have the vision of a fighter pilot and I have known my abc's and 123,'s for nearly(I said nearly) 30 years now, but I still find myself having to enter that code and be denied about 12 times before I get it right. Usually www just gives up and gives me a break with a string that is just one letter and one number after 11 or so tries. It is like they begin to realize just what a nonsensical task it is and start to feel sorry for me.

Today's randomness is brought to you by Elise. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm coming out of the closet......

(Literally, I converted a walk-in closet into my office)

I have been in this closet working, studying and creating something for the last eight months (other than a small boy) and I am finally ready to release the good news to our bloggy fresh readers.

I have been slowly and organically growing a photography business. I have truly found a passion for this art that allows me to incorporate all of my design experience, education and addiction.

**tinkling of champagne glasses**

Please click on the following invitation to be redirected to my new photography blog. Please visit it as frequently as you do here, I have some exciting sessions on the books that I'll be featuring here as I process them.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hot Stuff

So I happened upon a fun little game called, "Find out what the number one song on the charts was the day you were born." Good times.

So I did and this is what I found out....

"Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer:
Um ya think? It was like the stars aligned and so did the vocal stylings of one Miss. Donna Summer and then poof (because that's how it happens, I speak from experience.) I was born. The rest is history.

So I continued with Paul. The results.....

"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack:
Yes, it was the first time ever anyone saw his face. Touching, but not quite as kismet as mine. Sorry Paul.

.....and what fun would this be if I didn't do Sam?

"No One" by Alicia Keys:
Single.Tear. It isn't in my playlist, but maybe now it will be.

Try it for yourself. Go ahead waste a couple of minutes of your life that you can never get back on this senseless fun!

Friday, August 15, 2008

How can there be so much hate, fighting and nonsense in the world when we all come from such sweet, little, soft and gentle, fluffy haired babies like this?

Sam was playing in the crib with his friend Aiden yesterday when I looked over to check on them and witnessed this. Sam had gently taken his hand and was swinging it back and forth. Does it get any sweeter than this? Puhleeze. You babies are turning me in to such a sap!

(note: Mr Sam does not always grab things so gently, for instance my hair, so this was extra special)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mini me

So this weekend we got Sam a new carseat, one that fits in the Mini. Woo woo! So we rigged up the seat and took him for a spin. He loves it and doesn't want to ride anywhere else now. He still has to be backward facing (which he isn't incredibly fond of) but he can see out of the windows now and digs stargazing out of the sunroof. He giggled all the way to the triathalon on Saturday when Paul's bike was in the rack on top. Before we know it he's going to be asking to drive it. Ahhhhhhh!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Because I can't keep it in any longer.....

picture courtesy of oops.

To all the women that I saw this weekend purchasing and wearing these sandals on my trip, and to idiots everywhere:

Wearing these flip flops around town, running a few light errands, walking to Sally's house down the street, or straightening the gnomes in your garden will not make you thin. Nor will it "make your legs appear longer and more toned," it is not "the flip flop with the gym built in," it is not the way the model wearing them got such nice legs, not even frigging close. NOT, my gullible friends, until you train for and run a marathon in them or until you trade them to some other idiot in exchange for their wasted gym membership and set down the bowl of coco crispies will you notice any results. If you are still tempted......please take notice that everyone buying them is fat and those that you pass on the street wearing them(and they look well worn, and are possibly a second or third pair) are still fat. and. duh.

thank you for letting me get that out.