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Monday, December 21, 2009

Knit One, Birth Two: Thoughts from before our newest life.

21 December 2009

We have been busy lately, to say the least. Our days are filled with Sam & driving and schedule, schedule, schedule and work and relax and coffee and love and family and love and laughter and excitement and anticipation and anxiety and 'we'll figure it out' and 'I'll kill you' and 'I love you' and 'I can't go on like this' and 'I would never go on any other way'. We have downsized, grown up, interviewed, outer-viewed, worked hard, played hard, listened softly, listened hard, prayed hard and hoped for answers. Some of which have come and some of which are in the process and some of which have yet to reveal themselves.

We are dreamers and we are artists we are determined. Our dreams our made up of our wildest fantasies... of which we each have many. Woven together throughout the past five years beginning on the very first day we met until now. Just a few short eve's away from the second birthday of the little curly haired boy we dreamt of long ago as children and the birth of our much dreamed of and wished for second baby and sibling for Sam, we continue to knit furiously to create our life, just the way we dream it. Blistered hands in spite of the 'you can't do that's' and the 'why would you ever want to be differents?', we have a vision for our days together as a family, as best friends, as adventurers and as parents. We go to bed each night, sometimes defeated by the struggles, the broken promises, the negativity of strangers and family, the fractured deals, the hard work that sometimes seems to never pay off and wrap up tightly around us what we have. We wake up each morning in the little nest we've created, our refuge from the outside and often depressing world and wipe sleep from our eyes and remember that we are one day closer to amazing new opportunity. It's hard to remember the days when it seemed like we had it all, luxury cars, money in the bank, vacations planned for the year......until we realize that we never really had anything until we simply had each other.....and a beautiful family, and time to lay on the floor and sing songs and read stories in our little home with a new squirming baby on the way. We just have it all now at the time when we have the least. That's all.


The Car Seat Diaries

ok so I recently realized while flipping through photos on my iphone that I have an addiction to taking snaps of Sam in his car seat while he is sleeping (and awake). It all started with holding his little hand from around the back of the rear-facing car seat just two short years ago. I got my iphone about the same time we turned Sam around to witness the world through the front windshield which also happened to be exactly a year ago on his first birthday. Below is a collection of images of my heart little boy throughout the past year, up until just today. We have coffee with Paul some mornings, run errands and he often falls asleep in the car on the way home. I scoop his sleepy, curly head up out of the car and carry my snuggly little boy upstairs to his crib before I sit down to work for a bit in the room next door.

We are just five short days away from his second birthday. *tears* What a beautiful, rough, wonderful, educational year filled with kisses, milestones, late nights and early mornings, long walks, amazement and wonder that I wouldn't trade for all the money in the world.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Bad Santa

We ventured to the mall the other day, the self proclaimed 'place to be seen in the Palm Beaches' (barf) to visit Santa and do a little shopping. The morning started like any other, breakfast, coffee, and an half hour long battle to put clothes on Sam and tear him away from a million books that he desires to have read each morning before they spontaneously burst into flames before he has fully memorized each line of each page. Unlike most mornings we attempted to dress him in something other than a soft t-shirt by adding a super-fly vest (see below) figuring that since the vest had no sleeves (which he loathes) that he might not even notice it was on. Wrong. He proceeded to have a shizzy (this is somewhere between shit fit and tizzy) pulling and stretching the vest until it nearly looked as though it belonged to my pregnant belly and not his toddler tummy. Finally after 20 minutes of screaming he realized he would not win this or any fashion battle with his 'stylist' and was released from the crib for our meeting with Santa. Strong willed much? Must take after his mother in this department. :)

With much anticipation we waited while Santa took a break to 'feed the reindeer' or as Sam calls them 'moose' (he can't help his Northwest roots!). I came equipped with my own camera this year in the hopes of avoiding another crappy photo from the elves. As we approached the 'on deck' waiting area for our turn, we saw a father wrestling his screaming and thoroughly terrified daughter into the arms of a stranger with a Marlboro stained beard that reeked of booze we quickly changed our plan. Instead of forcing Sam to sit on Santa's lap and scarring him for life, we instead placed him on Dad's lap next to Santa. Good plan, but not quite good enough. With 2 seconds to react, bad mall lighting, a non responsive Santa and a quickly escaping toddler this is all I managed to get. Crap. I can't say that I won't try again. I don't want to, but seem to have found the real Santa today at a mall west of us, who I know to be real because he was sipping a Starbucks latte on his break. I mean, come on!

the money shot. ahem. santa? sam? camera please!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sam's 1st Milk Moustache

Elise is teaching Sam to drink from a 'real' cup. Hence, he has his first 'real' milk moutache. You can't really see it in this picture, but you figure he's got to have that tongue out for some reason, right???

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sam Finds a Sheep

"BAAA! BAAA!" at a very un-library like volume.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Great Room Switch of '09

We are approximately 2/3 of the way done with the Great Room Switch of '09. Elise and I decided to switch rooms with Sam and give gime and #2 the bigger room and more space to play.

The switch began yesterday when I spent the day painting Sam's room an 'adult' shade, Early Morning Mist. He was, thankfully, not under-foot most of the day, or under-ladder, as the case may be.

We picked up this morning where we left off last night. After Saturday morning cartoons and blueberry pancakes (we even made coffee at home instead of opting for our daily Bucky's run), Sam and I delved into crib deconstruction soon followed by crib reconstruction. I had to take the crib apart and put it back together again to move it from one room to the other. Fortunately, it rained most of the day, and Sam didn't even get out of his pajamas until it was time to take a bath at 7 p.m.

We did venture outside, braving the mist, Sam in pjs and Crocs (sandals) to splash in the puddles and get a little fresh air. We came inside to watch the Muppet Christmas special. Elise's favorite is Beeker. Mine is the Swedish Chef and I couldn't figure out what Sam's favorite was. It was definitely this one character, but I couldn't detemine if it was supposed to be a cockroach, king crab or a shrimp. Though he got a chuckle or two out of Dr. Bunson Honeydew.

Tomorrow there will be that last 1/3 of switching followed by numerous touch-ups over the span of the next few weeks as we prepare for the arrival of #2. Sam gets to help me put the new crib together tomorrow morning. I'm staying busy so I don't think about having missed the UF-Alabama game too much..! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Danger Mouse

A picture tells a thousand words, but there is an epilogue to the story not captured in the picture. About 20 minutes later, Sam took a tumble in a much less ambitious manuever. In fact, he tripped going up one of the smaller steps, bumped his nose and got a nose bleed (I didn't take a picture...). He was a VERY tough boy. We walked into the rec center's bathroom (he had already stopped crying at this point, but the astonished looks and panicked faces of the staff behind the counter were sure to fire him up again). I learned this morning that as long as they don't actually see the blood (even when it is smeared all over their face (i.e. NO mirrors!) and you keep telling them they will be fine, they usually are. Now, I will post this and wait for child services to come to my door for letting my son take a tumble at the park.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

We Have (another) Crib (finally)!

Well, #2 might have little else, but he/she will have a place to sleep at least! Yesterday, Sam and I drove down to Sunrise to pick Elise up from her Women of Faith conference and hit up Ikea at the same time. We purchased a crib for #2. Sam picked out to tiny stuffed animals for 50 cents a piece as a present, too.

Afterwards, we grabbed a bite at a pizza joint around the corner. Evidently, it was a hang out for hockey fans (Yes! hockey fans in S. Fla!) and the Florida Panthers were on all the big screen TVs. There were even cheerleaders there and Stanley, the 6 foot guy in the panther suit. Sam didn't know what to make of Stanley. It was really his first encounter with a giant moving stuffed animal since he hasn't been to Disney yet and he wasn't too thrilled when he sat down at our table and started to eat our pizza.

Sam fell asleep on the way home, but the mission was a success. Now if I can just find time to put the thing together!

Boy's Night!

Elise went to Sunrise to attend the annual Women of Faith conference. Sam and I stayed home, drove around with the windows down and listened to the Zac Brown Band on full blast. Here is a shot of our Friday night dinner, a big pile of Man-food! The next best thing to a 2 LB Hungryman!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A New Perch

No matter how old the house there is always a new spot to play with a little imagination. The other day Sam and I discovered that the windowsill in his room is quite a bit wider than in ours. The perfect spot to sit and watch the rain pour down. So we tested it out again the other day to show dad when the breeze and sunlight was streaming through the window after Sam's nap. And look who's coming around to having his picture taken! I thought for sure I had the curse of the photographer's child! Now I can't keep him out from in front of the camera when I'm taking photos of anything but him. :)

Feeling 'Normal'

This has been a bittersweet weekend in our house. Sweet because the weather is beautiful and we have spent so much time inside, but sad because we are missing a member of our family this weekend.

The neighborhod next to our slum, Valencia, had a neighborhood-wide garage sale yesterday morning. We cut short Sam's Saturday morning cartoons to hurry over and see if we could find anything good. Valenica is the known for its multi-million dollar mansions, so we were hoping to find a barely-used Bellini crib, McClarren stroller that hadn't been recalled or something--anything!-- for #2. Alas, the pickings were slim. Sam had fun wandering from garage to garage, playing with other kids toys. We didn't even have to buy him anything as long as we stopped long enough for him to peruse the wares. Everyone was kind enough to let him test out all the toys without actually purchasing anything.

After our morning jaunt to Bucky's we drew sidewalk chalk figures in front of our house. We had an albino tree frog perched outside our front door for a few days a week or two ago and everytime Sam and I saw it we said, "No no no, Mr. Frog, you don't come in our house." So everytime Sam sees a frog now, he wags his finger at it and reminds it, "No no no." So I drew a frog and Elise drew an umbrella sheltering the sidewalk from pink heart-shaped raindrops.

After naps, we embarked on a photo shoot. The results posted below. We capped off a beautifully mellow day with a platter filled with homemade nachos. Elise and I sat at the dinner table and Sam sat by himself at the counter. Not exactly the perfect family meal dynamic, but the most tranquil and most family-like dinner we have had in awhile. At least he wasn't clamoring to get up in Elise's lap for the umpteenth night in a row.

I am thankful for everything we have, but especially thankful that I have a goal to work toward. It frees my mind from the spiralling trap of worry and negative thoughts and allows me to appreciate skipper-dees basking on the trail in the noon sun and a beer that feels well deserved for a change. We have a long road ahead of us, but we have an even longer road behind us in a car with no rear mirror.

32 Weeks

Another guest appearance by Mr. Paul Hanna Behind the camera. Can this guy quit his job already and become my full time assistant? Sheesh!
Feeling good. I head to the doctor tomorrow for updates and to try to convince my OB to let me deliver this kid before the new year. Wish me luck! This child is kicking me like a madman (or woman) whatever the case may be. Sam is beginning to like the belly and occasionally just wanders right up and pats me on the stomach or gives the baby a kiss. Too cute! We are prepping him by pointing to every baby everywhere in the world and reminding him that we will be 'receiving' one of those at our house soon. Hmmmm should we bring a toy doll home or something like they do for dogs? :) Kidding. All sibling rivalry shall reveal itself in due time. We are excited, not as nervous as we should be and elated that we get to have two of these smiling, giggling little people in our house soon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So I passed Oral! I don't exactly knows what this means yet but we are excited and nervous and...oh did I mention excited! It just gives us one more option moving forward.

Monday a.m. Virginia Ave D.C.

6:45 a.m. on my way to the Oral Assessment, Annex 1, Washington D.C.

Lazy Sunday Morning

Recently, I flew to Washington D.C. for two days to sit for my Oral Assessment to join the Foreign Service. I had to get up at 4 a.m. on Sunday to catch my plane, leaving Sam and Elise to an extra day of morning toons. These shots are of Sam taking awhile to get going. I don't know if you can see it or not, but there is a tiny feather attached to his tizu (tooshie in Arabic) in the first shot. Elise told me he picked it up from one of the pillows and that he looked like a little bird.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Puddle Jumper

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Don't Miss The Bus!

Words and stories to follow.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Single Tear

You know I don't get out much when a infrequently visited Starbucks feel like being out of town. I dawdled. Then when Elise and Sam dropped me off at my office, Sam busted out into tears. I would like to believe he was going to miss me, but I'm guessing he just wanted to play on my computer, spin around in my chair and press buttons on my phone! According to the image above (taken by Elise on her iPhone) he zonked out shortly thereafter, a single tear stuck on his cheek :(

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

rain-bow [noun]

As described by Mom to Sam:

"a ribbon drawn over the clouds with lots of different colored crayons"

Silly Sock Tuesday

We don't love Monday and Tuesday. They are long and they stink because we have separation anxiety from Paul for a couple days after a fun weekend together. So we made up "Munchkin Monday" Munchkin donut holes at Dunkin Donuts and "Silly Sock Tuesday" so that we have something fun to look forward to and laugh about all day.

We love you Paul Daddy!

sam & e

Saturday, October 17, 2009

28 weeks

Ok no one was really in the mood for pictures this week. Of course I had this great idea, but Sam was totally not into it, it was all I could get him to do to just let me pick him up. He woke up at 6am, an hour and a half earlier than his usual wake up time, I brought him in our room and he kicked me for the next hour until I finally got up. Good times. So this is it. Until next week or whenever I can get Paul to bust out my camera and Sam to cooperate...so like when he is 30. :)

I'm feeling good except for the occasional heartburn and extreme baby kick. Paul is feeling good except for the occasional craving for Taco Bell. Sam, always feeling good and goofy.

We went to the mall yesterday looking for shoes for me, sensible shoes (which is totally not in my vocabulary) but I found myself needing some to shoot this wedding tomorrow. I walked into a shoe store, peeked around quickly. Seeing nothing sensible, I turned to head out when I see Sam sitting down in the middle of the floor taking off his shoes. So, naturally I just wait and see what is going to happen...he picks a zebra print stiletto pump off the low shelf, stands it up where he can hold onto the shelf for balance and slips it on. Then proceeds to walk over to the mirror, one stiletto on and one bare footy and checks it out. Hilarious. Everyone in the store was laughing, we were cracking up. He proceeded to try on two or three other pairs, ending with the one below before we encouraged him to slip his crocs back on and thank the sales lady for allowing him to try them on and then quickly exit.

We are still working on his fashion sense. I think the royal blue snakeskin might be a little too flashy, but we'll encourage him to continue on his quest to fashion stardom :)

Until next time....


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Oral date selected

In all the busyness, I forgot to mention I successfully booked an early date for my FS Oral Assessment (so as not to have to fly to DC and leave Elise alone with Sam and a three-day old! ...not that she couldn't handle it, of course!). My test/interview date is Nov. 9th.

1st Ever Hanna Family Movie Night

We showed "Ratatatouile" but didn't quite make it through. The antagonist, the weasley chef, was a little too weasly for Sam; he kept scooching closer to Elise every time the chef appeared. Oh and Sam can eat popcorn without taking his pacy out!

This was a rare treat for Sam. He watches Saturday morning cartoons (usually Bitty Einsteins, My Friends Tigger & Pooh and Special Agent Oso). Special Agent Oso is the quintessential children's cartoon with insipid melodies destined to drive parents absolutely bonkers! Special Agent Oso is a green and yellow panda bear charged with special assignments by his "Paw Pilot". These assignments range in complexity from building a pine cone bird feeder to making a puzzle to brushing your teeth (?!?!). Each assignment is broken up into "3 simple steps". Argh! It's maddening!

Other than Saturday morning cartoons and the occasional CU Buffs football game, Sam watches very little TV. Not by his design, of course. And almost never in the evening!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Top O' the 26th Week to ya!

Greetings from the top of the 26th week of pregnancy and the 21st month of motherhood and the millionth month of marriage (kidding)! All is well, I hardly remember that I'm pregnant at all until about 10 o'clock at night...then I'm feeling about 28 months pregnant! According to the babycenter.com our baby is about the size of an 'English hothouse cucumber' whatever the hell that is! It feels about a large as a small goat and with little hooves just as sharp that jab me every here-and-there throughout the day! The general consensus is that it is still a boy, although no one but the long lost ultrasound technician really knows. We'll have to hold out for "It's a........." in January (errr December!)

Sam is learning words like a madman. Just today he learned 'bra' which is an important word for any toddler. He also mastered today after a long few days of failed attempts, how to hold up two fingers to signify that he will soon be two or that he would like two of whatever he is only supposed to have one of :)

And now a quick photo before I head out to another photo shoot tonight and before this starts to sound anymore like a Christmas form letter....

The boys at Indian Riverside Park

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pieces of Life {Not Forgotten}

As the three of us all snuggled in bed
baby poking me on the inside
one tickling my chin with fluffy hair on the outside
your hand entwined in mine
I realized we were about to get even better

Reason number 7,254,006 that I love you:
you look like Jimmy Neutron when you wake up
That makes me love Jimmy Neutron
but not as much as I love you

History: I gave Paul a Jimmy Neutron sticker for his server book when we first met and were working at Kee Grill a hundred years ago....before he liked me. I showed my love my giving him little tokens, stickers and small stuffed creatures, lost by children that I found on my runs and throughout my days without him that reminded me of him. I guess it worked. Thanks Jimmy and Stuart Little.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I found out yesterday that I was invited to the Oral Assessment, the next step in the process of becoming a member of the Foreign Service. The Oral is an all-day interview in Washington, DC. The news couldn't have been more timely as I was suffering from an acute case of the 'Mondays'. Though I had an iced Venti blackeye in hand and had just that morning been on the receiving end of a pep talk from Elise regarding the excitement and promise a new week can bring, I was only just pulling myself out of the funk when the email arrived in my inbox. Though I don't sign up for my interview date until the last week in September, I will know by the end of the day whether or not I am placed on the hire list.

SHMI (Sam Hanna Mgmt., Inc.)

Making deals! I know...I know...my office is a sty. And that's Sam's sippy cup...not mine. Don't ask me why I have a roll of paper towels on my desk. It was my lumbar pillow in an act of desperation!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reentry Shields

On rare occasion, I have a reaction to my contacts which forces me to wear my glasses for a day. This is usually not a problem, since I work at a computer indoors. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to drive without sunglasses. See below....

It gives Elise an idea of what I might look like in another 50 years...!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Babies as Stick People

I have to let Elise explain MOPS to you. In brief, it stands for Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers. I thought she was joking when she said they did a lot of 'crafting'! :)

ps #2's diaper is homemade. Let's just hope his/hers real diapers are a little sturdier!


!!!!!!!!Ok. let me just start by saying that this is a cult of moms that brainwashed me and sucked me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok now that I got that out. I came to a little group when I was pregnant with Sam that my friend recommended, I was in need of a good education on what the 'typical' mom did, and I got it...but after returning for another year with babe in arms and a lot about motherhood to learn, I have learned much more. (I was even brainwashed into joining the leadership team as graphic design, creativity maven extraordinaire)

What I've learned:

1. There is no such thing as the 'typical' mom, all moms are different. We may parent the same or dress the same but no one does anything exactly identical and nobody should. All kids are different, families are different and different things work for different people. (except bringing your sick kid to a room of other healthy kids and for that you idiot mom, should be bitch-slapped)

2. Crafts are fun. I've always dug a good craft, ask Paul I have an entire walk-in-closet of craft supplies. All crafts are however not created equal and most of the crafts we do at this group should be done only in a closet where no one can see you. However, each craft when done with a loved one, a good friend, or stranger becomes much more than a craft, it becomes and experience. One that yields a silly stick doll that represents your babies, that you love because it is your mini Popsicle stick of your child/baby and because the women you made them with have the same love for their Popsicle sticks/children :) Seriously I almost cried when I made those stupid things today (hormonal much?) there is nothing like being able to hold a Popsicle stick replica of your toddler and the baby in your tummy in one hand. Sheesh.

3. You are never to good for anything, ever. You may think you are, but you will also be lonely with no one to blame but your goodness.

4. Fashion is very important to me. Still. Always. Forever. NO sweat pants, no mom-jeans, no bad hair.

5. I can learn a lot from other people, and I have. I've learned what I want to do and what I don't want to do as a mom. I'm sure I've taught others the same and that is good anyway you slice it.

I swore wholeheartedly I'd never join a moms group. It isn't my 'bag' but I'm glad I did, I'm better for it, humbled by it, inspired by other women and reminded that we are all working toward a common goal, love and peace and happiness and success for our families, for our children and for our marriages.

Case closed. Stop trying to out me from my moms group closet Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh.
My facade is much to cool for that :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our House

20 weeks Halfway There!

20 Weeks brought to you by Hanna Photography (Photographs by Paul, creative editing & styling by Elise)

I know if feels as though we have abandoned blog a bit lately...and well I have. I have been so busy (and blessed) with work that I've had to shift concentration a bit. Lord how I wish I could do it all, well I kind of do but somethings are a little half assed, I let that be my personal blog and not my parenting :)

This baby is growing and kicking, especially when one little Sam is near my belly. The sibling rivalry has started already! Oy! I feel great, a little exhausted as the first photo would suggest and still (again) baking up a storm. It thought these photos were apropos considering my love of baking turned pregnancy OBSESSION! I baked nearly everyday with Sam so much so that I wrote out a business plan to open a cupcake shop and if I had time and didn't already own a successful and budding business I might open up shop right here in my own kitchen, if only to get rid of all this fattening food so I don't eat it all!

Paul thinks from our ultrasound the other day that the baby looks like a boy. I asked why and this is what I heard: "It has a strong brow." It looked like a cat to me :) a cute cat!!!!!!! But, a strong brow? Seriously Paul!
More updates to come. ...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sam's 1st Peepee in the Toity!

On our recent road trip to South Carolina and Maryland, we came into possession of an wooden stool that used to be Elise's dad's when he was a little boy. It was given to us by Elise's grandmother and we packed it into the trunk and brought it home. In our parenting zeal, we were eager to put Sam at the top of it and show him how to hold on and aim for the bowl, but, alas, he mostly tottered around and threatened to pitch head first into the water.

A few weeks ago, we made a trip (or two!) down to Ikea in Ft. Lauderdale to buy a new day bed. On a whim we threw in this $3 robin's egg blue plastic potty called Er Pupel or some Swedish word with lots of umlauts over it that probably means toliet or poop in Swedish.

I should probably backtrack and explain that Sam is obsessed with flushing toilets. I guess most toddlers his age are, but it is impossible to go to the bathroom in our house without Sam barging in after you to flush the toliet. At least now he waits for you to finish. I can only imagine him playing contentedly at his wooden Thomas train tracks or his Fischer Price parking garage until the sound of someone going to the bathroom reaches his ears, whereupon his ears perk and he launches himself full speed toward the bathroom door, lest he miss the coveted opportunity to work the flusher.

Well, this afternoon all that groundwork bore magical fruit in the form of a miniscule little puddle in the bottom of a $3 Ikea potty.

Elise, Sam and I were hanging out in his room. Elise and I were debriefing each other on the day's events. Sam was piling cars into the elevator shaft of the aforementioned parking garage, bumper to bumper. When we both noticed how.....flatulent (sorry!) Sam was. I carpe diemed and grabbed the potty, took Sam's diaper off and sat him on it, but he wouldn't sit still. Instead he hopped up and skipped to the big toliet.

I pulled the step stool out from under the sink and positioned Sam at the top of it. And he tried! He was pushing and pushing but nothing would come out. We gave up after a few moments, but Sam still seemed to be trying so we sat him back on the potty. He pushed and pushed. He even held on to the side of the cabinet. Finally, he stood up to survey the damage and, lo and behold, there was a tiny squirt of pee in the bottom of the potty!!!!

No one could have been more thrilled or happy than Sam himself. He gleefully poured the pee into the toliet and flushed. He was rewarded for his toil with a pink frosty cookie!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

20 weeks

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ice Cream Lips

Yesterday, Sam was treated to a special Mama/Punka visit to McDonalds for fries and a tiny ice cream cone. This, after he had to go to the doctor and get 4 shots. It was a rough day for Sam. The day ended with Elise and I reading stories to him before bed. He fell asleep halfway through "Curious George Makes the Pancakes" which never happens. He was zausted.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pool Kisses to You!

Elise, Sam and I just returned from my shopping center conference in Orlando. We spent Sunday at Sea World having the most fun we had had in a long time. I couldn't peel the smile off my face all day. Sam's reaction to the new roller coaster, the Manta, thundering overhead pretty much somes it up, "WOOOOOW!"

While I attended rivoting session on shopping center business in a recessionary climate, Sam and Elise got to go to the pool. Wonder who got the short end of the stick on that one...! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well apparently my belly has 'popped' in the past few days. Today I went out to run a few errands with Sam and did not speak (and I'm not kidding) to one person who did not ask me when I was due, or comment on the fact that baby number two was on the way. I felt like I could have been 8 months pregnant today instead of just 5. Maybe it was the shirt I was wearing? It wasn't one of those pregnancy-fashion-victim shirts that says "baby" with an arrow pointing down, but it gave me away. I'm out of the maternal closet!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009


I think this is, officially, Sam's first word. I first remember hearing it when we were in Washington, DC when we drove into town to visit Elise's cousin Nick. We drove down Pennsylvania Ave. and as we passed all the tourist busses, Sam pointed out the window and said, "Bus". He perfected it on our recent trip to Cheney, WA. On the way to Starbucks from Irene Place we passed the school bus yard and, every time, Sam would point out the window and say, "Bus."

Now he says it all the time. He just walks around the house saying, "Bus bus bus." He enunciates each sound with such precision, "B uu ssss". In a restaurant in Cannon Beach, Oregon there was a stuffed moose sitting in a chair in the waiting area. There, I taught him how to say, "moose". Sam says "moose" the same way he says "bus", with the same pride. He delights in wrapping his lips around the sounds that mean something. Though I'm not sure if he saw a moose walking down the street he would point and say "moose", whereas when a bus drives down the street, he most definitely points and says, "Bus". (it goes without saying that there aren't really very many--or any--moose in Florida)

I know this blog lacks something without audio, so I will endeavor to capture the hallowed word on tape or video to post here for posterity...

18 Weeks

Photos courtesy of Paul (technical set-up & editing by moi)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pieces of Life {Not Forgotten} Chapter 3

We said: "there is a baby in mom's tummy"
You looked in my belly button like a sailor into a parascope
You turned your hands up and shrugged
You don't believe us
Sometimes we can't believe it ourselves

I looked at him and saw him laugh and smile the same way that made me fall in love 5 years ago
The concentration of innocence is diluted by the murky waters of life
but can be found again. and has.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Week 16

Sunday, August 2, 2009

15 Weeks

Cannon beach on the Oregon coast. Frolicking in the tide pools, flying kites and watching the July sun burn off a lazy fog. Not a happier day I can remember as of late.