Thursday, October 22, 2009

Single Tear

You know I don't get out much when a infrequently visited Starbucks feel like being out of town. I dawdled. Then when Elise and Sam dropped me off at my office, Sam busted out into tears. I would like to believe he was going to miss me, but I'm guessing he just wanted to play on my computer, spin around in my chair and press buttons on my phone! According to the image above (taken by Elise on her iPhone) he zonked out shortly thereafter, a single tear stuck on his cheek :(

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

rain-bow [noun]

As described by Mom to Sam:

"a ribbon drawn over the clouds with lots of different colored crayons"

Silly Sock Tuesday

We don't love Monday and Tuesday. They are long and they stink because we have separation anxiety from Paul for a couple days after a fun weekend together. So we made up "Munchkin Monday" Munchkin donut holes at Dunkin Donuts and "Silly Sock Tuesday" so that we have something fun to look forward to and laugh about all day.

We love you Paul Daddy!

sam & e

Saturday, October 17, 2009

28 weeks

Ok no one was really in the mood for pictures this week. Of course I had this great idea, but Sam was totally not into it, it was all I could get him to do to just let me pick him up. He woke up at 6am, an hour and a half earlier than his usual wake up time, I brought him in our room and he kicked me for the next hour until I finally got up. Good times. So this is it. Until next week or whenever I can get Paul to bust out my camera and Sam to like when he is 30. :)

I'm feeling good except for the occasional heartburn and extreme baby kick. Paul is feeling good except for the occasional craving for Taco Bell. Sam, always feeling good and goofy.

We went to the mall yesterday looking for shoes for me, sensible shoes (which is totally not in my vocabulary) but I found myself needing some to shoot this wedding tomorrow. I walked into a shoe store, peeked around quickly. Seeing nothing sensible, I turned to head out when I see Sam sitting down in the middle of the floor taking off his shoes. So, naturally I just wait and see what is going to happen...he picks a zebra print stiletto pump off the low shelf, stands it up where he can hold onto the shelf for balance and slips it on. Then proceeds to walk over to the mirror, one stiletto on and one bare footy and checks it out. Hilarious. Everyone in the store was laughing, we were cracking up. He proceeded to try on two or three other pairs, ending with the one below before we encouraged him to slip his crocs back on and thank the sales lady for allowing him to try them on and then quickly exit.

We are still working on his fashion sense. I think the royal blue snakeskin might be a little too flashy, but we'll encourage him to continue on his quest to fashion stardom :)

Until next time....


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Oral date selected

In all the busyness, I forgot to mention I successfully booked an early date for my FS Oral Assessment (so as not to have to fly to DC and leave Elise alone with Sam and a three-day old! ...not that she couldn't handle it, of course!). My test/interview date is Nov. 9th.

1st Ever Hanna Family Movie Night

We showed "Ratatatouile" but didn't quite make it through. The antagonist, the weasley chef, was a little too weasly for Sam; he kept scooching closer to Elise every time the chef appeared. Oh and Sam can eat popcorn without taking his pacy out!

This was a rare treat for Sam. He watches Saturday morning cartoons (usually Bitty Einsteins, My Friends Tigger & Pooh and Special Agent Oso). Special Agent Oso is the quintessential children's cartoon with insipid melodies destined to drive parents absolutely bonkers! Special Agent Oso is a green and yellow panda bear charged with special assignments by his "Paw Pilot". These assignments range in complexity from building a pine cone bird feeder to making a puzzle to brushing your teeth (?!?!). Each assignment is broken up into "3 simple steps". Argh! It's maddening!

Other than Saturday morning cartoons and the occasional CU Buffs football game, Sam watches very little TV. Not by his design, of course. And almost never in the evening!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Top O' the 26th Week to ya!

Greetings from the top of the 26th week of pregnancy and the 21st month of motherhood and the millionth month of marriage (kidding)! All is well, I hardly remember that I'm pregnant at all until about 10 o'clock at night...then I'm feeling about 28 months pregnant! According to the our baby is about the size of an 'English hothouse cucumber' whatever the hell that is! It feels about a large as a small goat and with little hooves just as sharp that jab me every here-and-there throughout the day! The general consensus is that it is still a boy, although no one but the long lost ultrasound technician really knows. We'll have to hold out for "It's a........." in January (errr December!)

Sam is learning words like a madman. Just today he learned 'bra' which is an important word for any toddler. He also mastered today after a long few days of failed attempts, how to hold up two fingers to signify that he will soon be two or that he would like two of whatever he is only supposed to have one of :)

And now a quick photo before I head out to another photo shoot tonight and before this starts to sound anymore like a Christmas form letter....

The boys at Indian Riverside Park