Friday, September 21, 2012

Clementine: Six Months (Of pure joy)

There is little in the world that brings me more joy than this little girl. I can't even for a minute, stop thinking, as crazy as it might sound, that she is a gift from heaven. I know. All babies are, but this one comes with a special message: I feel my Grandma and my Granddad in her, a reminder of the good that there is in the world, a gift of hope and a little shining light to guide us and remind us when it is hard to see beyond just what appears in front of our eyes. 

Paul and I joke that sometimes she doesn't even seem real, she is so perfect and so joyful, we pinch each other until it hurts, but she is still here. I hold her each night as she falls asleep and I pray quietly with her, for her, for everything and everyone that we have, something I haven't done in quite some time. She brings my beautifully crazy days to a soft and sweet close each night. 

This has also been a month of firsts:

First Tooth!

First tiny shoes, finally fit!

First time sitting up all alone. 

Thanks up there. I get it. We've got her, but you know that. She is making our hearts sing.

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