Thursday, September 13, 2012


In an attempt to curb some "less than thrilling" behaviors that come along with parenting two little boys, we are encouraging some others. Paul has taken the making (and customizing) of good behavior charts into his own hands recently. Ones we'd found online were too vague or were weekly and lets face it some weeks were  a little discouraging. It is hard enough to be a little boy without the reminder of a completely barren Good Behavior Chart to remind you at the end of a long week. 

Somewhere I heard it said by a woman on her hundredth birthday (and yes, it may have been on Willard Scott's Smuckers Birthday Tribute) that her key to longevity was always having something to look forward to...and even if we don't live into our hundreds, it is still a good rule to live by. So we give the boys something to look forward to and to work toward on each chart. Their current charts are for a trip to Nicolandia, a theme park within Brasilia's city park, Parque da Cidade, for the kids to ride the rides, eat popcorn and celebrate steps in the right direction. 

It is also becoming clear that Paul (as hard as he tries) is not the disciplinarian in our house, made clear in the photos below by not one, but TWO "Good Behavior Shortcuts" a la Chutes & Ladders, for, and I quote, "Extra good behavior." Which as far as I can see will require only 14 of the original 36 stickers required.  This should be interesting....

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