Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend in Photos

Thursday: Clementine napped while I made baby food, fresh, Brazilian mango to be exact. I peeled and chopped right along to the beat of the water-cooler bongo that  Pete played from atop the counter. 

We picked Sam up from school and Clementine proved her love to him through face grabs. Somewhere I read that a baby shows its love by touching your face...which somehow in the past three babies has morphed into "grabbing your face" which can only be translated into extreme love. So Sam lets it happen, because he takes after his mom and dad, he loves love, little love lover.

Friday: I was taken down, the last of the family, by the flu. We've now had, what I can only describe as both the North American and South American strains of the flu. Expat life at it's finest. Sam had no school Friday and instead of having a fun day at the zoo as planned, I had a fun day in bed thanks to Sheyla. If there is anything worse than having the flu, it has GOT TO BE parenting three lively children with the flu. Yet another reason we are thankful for the help we have now. I recovered in a record two days and no one was neglected in the meantime.

Clementine discovered legos, which means I can stop fretting that I haven't bought her any new baby toys, because to be honest, she hates baby toys. She'd much rather play with these giant legos or matchbox cars or trains.

Pete discovered that he can still melt the hearts of ladies everywhere with this look and a soft rabbit, Sam discovered he can buckle himself into his car seat all by himself...which hell-ya, because now I can spent 45 less minutes wedging my upper torso and head into the innermost depths of the Subaru to buckle in tots and then reverse myself while the other two children cry and scream and Peter pokes my ribs to get me off of him all a little like backing out of a hole of fire ants.

Saturday: We headed to Sam's Brazilian preschool for an "exposição" a special day for families put on by the school, to show off his latest artwork and watch a special show of all the songs he's been learning in English...yes, English.

He and Pete both completed an obstacle course put on by Sam's incredibly hot kind capoeira teacher, Tio Chris. Sam's teacher Tia Chris (not to be confused with Tio Chris and not nearly as hot kind) was sure to tell us how much she loves our boy and that he is the sweetest boy ever. Which is always so awesome to hear, because other people don't have to love your kids, when they do we feel like we are doing something right, or Sam is.  She also recently told Paul that Sam is the translator of the school for the new American kids who haven't quite grasped Portuguese yet and are struggling. He is crossing classroom lines and being the diplomat of good verb conjugations.

After the  exposição we headed to a special celebratory breakfast where Clem braved a Brazilian "cadeirinha" for the first time and lived to tell about it.

The boys shared chocolate croissants, frolicked in the grass out back and discovered this beautiful butterfly.

Later that evening, Paul and I bathed the kids and got ready to head out to a special Indian food feast, where we were promised the best Indian food in Brazil...the only Indian food in Brazil. Later (too late) we learned that even though we are good at Portuguese....we are not that good. We had a little miscommunication with our babysitter and ended up staying home and watching Horton Hears A Who with the kids and eating Lebanese take-out. Which was neither Lebanese nor Brazilian strangely. It consisted of pancakes in leiu of Syrian bread and a Heinz BBQ sauce basted Sfiha. None of which really matters now.

Oh and Clem started to wave. Which is quite possibly the most deliciously adorable thing in the world, "Wave for them Clem!" See she's just that good. If we were a pageant family, she'd be float-worthy.

Sunday: We picnic'ed in the carport, napped and later packed up the family to head to Bendicto Suco in Asa Norte for juices galore and finished the night off with pizza and noodles at a quiet spot up the road while the sounds of Brazilian hippies on guitars wafted through the streets.

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