Friday, December 14, 2012

Thank you's: Part One

I'm not going to call this series of goodbyes, because if you've read this blog long enough you know I stink at goodbyes. They are messy and pathetic and my nose run and my eyes swell. So this time I've done some thinking and I don't dare call these goodbyes, because the impact that the people featured here in our last few days in Brasilia have had on our family are really something to be thankful for and the love they have given us is something that we will always carry with us. They have loved us, smoothed our rough edges, loved our children and showed us, in ways we could have never known, how to love.


Our midwife, helped me realize one of the most important things I've ever learned: The gift to know and to trust my body, and in all the rest of my life I will never doubt it again. I am stronger, I stand taller and I hope because of this, someday Clementine does, too. Paloma stood witness to the most empowering experience of my life and showed me and my entire family such kindness that I am forever grateful. She eased Clementines passage gently into the world here in Brazil and mine into a new me. 

We had the most wonderful opportunity to meet Paloma and about thirty other home-birth families this past Sunday for lunch and to say goodbye. Clementine, usually a little uncomfortable with unfamiliar faces, was perfectly at peace in Paloma's arms even though they hadn't seen each other since Clem was just one month old.

Tia Cris: 

Today was Sam's last day of school here in Brasilia, coincidentally (and thankfully), also the last day of school before the long holiday break. We brought cupcakes to celebrate and Paul and I both walked Sam in to thank his teacher for her kindness. Sam's school has not only made a huge and lasting impact on Sam, but on our whole family. They call him "Sam-I-am" and tell him they love him and they hug him, because they can....and they should and in their likeness the kids all hug each other, when they are sick, when they are sad and when they say goodbye. I am a big dreamer, in my mind filled with thoughts of unicorns, rainbows and sunshine, I could have never dreamed up a preschool experience for Sam one bit better, not here, not there, not anywhere. Culturally, it brought us deeper into Brazil, linguistically it gave me a bilingual, perfectly loved and meticulously educated boy. He has more confidence, more kindness, more spring in his step and more songs in his heart because of their love. I leave here kicking and screaming for many reasons, not the very least of which is that I can't bear to take Sam out of his final year of pre-school.  We learned today, however that Tia Cris's brother, a pilot in the Brazilian Air-force, will be moving with his family (including his five year old son) to Washington, DC on a scholarship to complete his masters. We have all exchanged information and hope that Sam can meet her nephew and they can play together, we can chat about Brasilia and Sam can keep up his Portuguese.

Good things. Good people.


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