Monday, March 4, 2013

State of Schools

Sam just started his second week of school here in Virginia. Having only sent any child, ever,  to a school out of the country, it has been hardest to get used to for me, but I'm catching on. Sam however walked in like he owned the place, stating that he loved it, "because everyone speaks English Mom, so I can make friends with whoever I want, right Mom?" 

"Right Sam-o. " 

When I tell you the boy had nil hesitation walking into a brand new school with a brand new teacher and a whole class of kids he didn't know, I am telling the truth. When being the new kid is all you know, you do it like it is your job. As he walked off ahead of me into the school and I hung behind timidly, nervous, 'Will his teacher and his classmates parents like me,' buffered by a toddler on one hand and a baby in arms, it is almost hard to believe, despite his size and his little puppy dog backpack, who is more experienced and well equipped to handle all this new.

He hung his backpack and coat on his hook, hugged and kissed his brother and sister goodbye, signed his little name on the sign in sheet and ran off to play. . .

I knew it would be a good day when these two grey doves awaited us at school.

Pete and I headed home for "Mom School." Mom School, is what happens more and more frequently, I'm gathering, when you try to send your child to preschool in the DC, Northern Virginia area. It is a name we decided to call Me, teaching Pete at home because he wasn't enrolled in preschool three years ago...when he was born. So....

 Pete's ready. He has been since he was born. He's always wanted to do and done everything Sam does. He chants his A, B, C's right along with Sam and sounds out letters and words, too.

So we're using this book, a whole lot of patience and a lot of markers...and furniture polish. We set up the "classroom" at the coffee table after putting Clem down for her morning nap and we practice letters and sounds and not asking "can I watch a show?" every 10 seconds.

The day, was as expected, great with reports from the director who said that, "Sam was so happy and hopped and bounced around smiling all day," and drawings in his backpack from girls. Not surprised on either count, that is my Sam.

When I dropped Sam off today he was the only child's name on the list who was asked to write out both his first and last name, because even though the other students are just learning to write their first names, she thought Sam was ready for both. Proof of the excellent year and a half he spent at CRIL in Brasilia. 

Today I picked him up and spied this in the hallway from Dr. Seuss's birthday celebration:

I'll know just what happened if I find the toilet clogged any time soon....

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