Saturday, April 13, 2013


Today we had a plan like we often do on the weekends. A list of things we've been wanting to do, things to see, places to explore, photos to take, exercise to get in, things we'd like to cook, naps we'd like to take, restaurants we'd like to eat at. A lot of times Paul and I email each other our lists throughout the week to compile and compare. 

This Saturday:

A family run which we coupled with a trip to the farmers market at the request of Sam for fresh homemade donuts. 

A stop at Starbucks and a long leisurely walk home. 

Picking dandelions and teaching the boys to blow seeds into the breeze. Talking about how the seeds float away and when they finally land another dandelion springs up.

"Mom, do people usually only plant one dandelion?" 

"No. People usually don't like dandelions, they consider them weeds: things that come up in your garden that you didn't plant. They usually try to kill them with poison."

"But they are so beautiful!"

It is hard not to feel hopeful with all that is alive after our short but shocking winter here. I began to lose hope that I'd ever find a reminder of why we liked it so much here before. Then the first breath of spring hit and I realized, it wasn't that I'd lost hope, it was just that I'd forgotten what that first day of spring feels like after a long winter; like filling your lungs with fresh air after holding your breath for a really long time.

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