Thursday, May 16, 2013

Words with Pete: 3.5 Years

Soaking wet  = "Snowking wet"

Teapot  = "Teapop"

Lemonade = "Yummylade"

Minivan = "Bus-car"

Peanut Butter = "Peter Butter"

Unicorn = "Noodlecorn"

Eyeballs = "Eye-bulbs"

Chapstick = "Stopstick"

Barbecue  = "Barbie-cube"

Corn on the cob = "Corn on the pod"

As you can see we don't have any laughs around here at all.  Peter, never to be lost as the middle child, is forever keeping us on our toes. He takes on the world with the same intensity with which he entered it. He is sweeter than sugar and more sour than a lemon. He can be his own perfect "yummylade" if mixed in equal parts. His childhood and our job as parents: to help him perfect the recipe. He is absolutely hilarious and absolutely fearless. He is kind and loving but will never be the child that is pushed around despite his tiny stature. He is light as a bird and fast as a squirrel. He always knows just what he wants and says just what he means. He sees the world in the most incredible way and my glimpses into his mind through his incredible vocabulary and imagination is magical. He does not miss a moment...unless I am asking him to do something. I can read him a book, just one time, and he can recite the entire book back to me word.for.word. He pushes me to the brink of insanity and then drags me back with his giant sweet eyes and a single unexpected hug. He is often the mirror held up to my face at the most unexpected times and when I think I can't quite figure him out I see myself and understand why he has been trusted to my care. 

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