Thursday, June 6, 2013

Memories of Winter

I've been holding out on you for far too long, I know. It has been quiet here as I undergo a huge transformation. A transformation that has everything to do with my business but has far more to do with every vein running through my body. It starts in the very tips of my toes and reaches far beyond my human form, effecting my tiniest people and my truest loves. 

More in depth to come, but for now, briefly: I've stopped shooting digitally and have started shooting 100% film, bother personally and professionally. I have gained back precious time with my family, regained perspective, simplicity and passion for quality. Forsaking quantity in all forms. For more of my most recent client work in film please visit my brand new website and new photography blog

Here are a few shots from my very first roll of black and white film, shot at the beach at Paul's dad's house on Jupiter Island over Christmas. 

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