Sunday, June 30, 2013


As much as I live for adventure, I long for routine. I want to see new things every day and be inspired, but I want to do it with the same sweet faces, mix it in with the morning coffee, roasted by no one in particular as long as it strong, have the same serene afternoon nap time and lay my head next to Paul's at night.   

Some days it feels like the days the run the most smoothly, also run few and far between. Days we are all in sync, days our gears fit properly together.  

Those days are usually Saturdays. 

We are having a blast this summer and our days are filled with adventure and familiarity, but we still all work for the weekends. We all know what to expect on weekends, which is an important part of our lives, no matter where we go. It is definately the most important thing we give to our kids. So be it a whole day or just a familiar part of the day we figure out the things we like quickly and put them on repeat.

Saturday mornings are for running, they really always have been. We load up our single and our double joggers and we head out with empty egg crates, granola bars, water and our wallets and hit the trails. We get in our morning run, while the kids take in the scenery then we make our way to the farmer's market for a few supplies for the week and fresh, hot mini-donuts.

Yesterday Sam, for the first time in 5 + years, hit the asphalt with us, insisting on running nearly a mile, and keeping up. We may shortly, let him graduate to cycling along-side us, or pushing me in the stroller and running with his dad.

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