Monday, August 19, 2013

A Day Out With Thomas (and Granddad)

When we were home, in Washington, visiting my parents last month, my dad surprised the boys, Clem and myself, with tickets to go and see Thomas the Train, their favorite, who was going to be in Snoqualmie for the weekend, A Day out with Thomas. On Friday morning we trekked over to Snoqualmie pass, about four hours from Cheney, with breaks along the way to stretch and snack. He's done this all before, you see.

After a quick lunch we climbed aboard a local school bus that would shuttle us to the Northwest Railway Museum, where Thomas was waiting. The bus ride, as you can see was right up there in the ranking with actually riding on Thomas.

There were toy trains, model trains and booths with Thomas movies and Thomas tattoos (Washington State people, we're laid back like that).

The boys met Sir Topham Hat himself(ish) while Clem hung with Granddad, safely on the sidelines. She seems to have inherited my "People-in-costumes-phobia."

We listened to music, by Washingtonian folk singers and waited for our turn to board Thomas.

This photo was just too good to leave out. I call this "Before I made you smile like you meant it."

The train took us a few miles up the road through crossings, where it was us that the cars had to stop for not us stopping for a train (which was a huge deal) and right over Snoqualmie Falls. The boys and Clem were in heaven and I happen to know one other passenger who might have enjoyed himself like a kid again, too.

Thank you Dad for such a wonderful and memorable day.

To find out when Thomas the Train will be in your area go here.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day they must have had. Darling kids. Where's Ma? Is she still alive? Love you guys.