Thursday, August 15, 2013

B & O Railroad Museum, Baltimore MD

We're really into trains around here. Really. When the boys bump into each other they shout, "Stop shunting me!" When we cross streets the only way I can get them to hold hands is to tell them to "Couple up!" We pretty much eat, drink and sleep trains around here. They come by it rightly, though my dad is a bit of a train buff himself, having written his Phd thesis on trains. When we visit them in Cheney we go "Trains spotting" and everyday they ask if we can go see trains.  Sam is pretty sure that if he isn't a construction worker when he grows up, he'll be a train engineer. 

Our train research here in Northern Virginia led us to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum in Baltimore. So we spent a day (seriously you could spend the whole day) seeing everything trains. From real trains to toy trains, to model trains and everything in-between. We finished off the day at the Baltimore waterfront eating crab-cake sandwiches outside at Phillips before our short drive home. 

To view the whole gallery of images from our visit please visit my photography blog here.

Oh come on and a cameo, by yours truly, by mine truly. He's catching on to this film thing but the manual focus on the Contax has quite a learning curve.

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