Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kindergarten: Day 1

In a previously mentioned attempt to thwart the morning madness, I gifted the boys these fancy morning chore charts. Is it just me? Are mornings really this insane for anyone else? Apparently the boys are visual learners, like me, because day one was a success and everyone had everything checked off with 45 minutes to spare. Proving the validity of the popular threat, "Do you want me to draw you a picture?" really works. Sam chose "stars" to fill in his completed tasks, Peter chose "church toppers." I chose wine. I joke, I chose sanity and coffee.

I am told they drew self portraits, read a book about a snail and went for a tour of the school where Sam saw "a man in a room the size of a building playing a piano that's sound came from pipes" and was the most beautiful sound he'd ever heard.

Everyone was happy to see each other again after being apart for our first four whole hours after a fun, yet super intense "One mom on three kids in a 2 bedroom apartment *slash* full time Washington, DC toddler tour group director," cozy kind of summer. 

Peter starts preschool on Thursday....

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