Monday, December 16, 2013

Tis the Season

This weekend we went to a lovely Christmas party at the Westin, care of Sam's school.  We all got ready, together. Clementine may have tried to drink a bit of my Dior foundation, but I'm ignoring it on account of her good taste. Sam painstakingly looped his own belt and Peter wore the tiniest and cutest tie you've ever seen.

Just for you, we posed for a snap on the "Road to Nowhere." It still goes nowhere. Although they have paved all the way to the end of our street. Sort of. Today our driver braved the ten inch drop to the shoulder and into our driveway, which was quite the morning jolt. But, in lieu of any kind of decent coffee, I think I'll just have them keep our driveway as is. I may not have to even ask.

We were greeted at the door with hot mulled wine, eggnog and hot chocolate. The kids were given Santa hats, strung into mini-aprons and put to work decorating their own tiny gingerbread men. The adults were treated to a cooking demonstration, which, honestly we missed, mingling with new friends and on the frosting assist, but it looked and smelled lovely.

We helped wrap Santa's presents, place giant gingerbread bricks on a life-size gingerbread house and decorated the tree. Clem spotted the jolly old man himself before anyone else, with eyes as round as saucers, and shouted to me, "Mommy! Mommy! Sata! Sata!" Moments later he descended the staircase and all the kids had a turn on his lap.

After a final round of Christmas carols, we sat down to a lovely buffet dinner. Peter went right to sleep, Sam nearly begged us to let him fall asleep and Clem was busy eating and being chauffeured around by the waitstaff, who couldn't keep their hands off of her. Paul and I won a chocolate cake and dinner for two in a raffle; to return (childless) to the Westin on another night. 

All photos courtesy of my iphone, the enjoyment of a family filled night, a little wine, a few Kingfisher and a whole lot of Christmas cheer.

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