Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pillow Blankie

In our infinite wisdom as parents, Elise and I bought Sam a blankie.

And we bought him a back-up blankie.

The idea behind the back-up blankie is that we would always have one blankie in rotation. If, for any reason, we had to wash primary blankie, back-up blankie could step in, and Sam would be none the wiser.

The stunt-double blankie was a stroke of genius, because Sam was our puker, and there were many a long or not-so-long car ride after which back-up blankie would swoop in to save the day, primary blankie (and the cover to Sam's car seat) making a beeline to the washing machine.

Today, Sam just has one blankie. I am not sure if it is primary blankie or back-up blankie that made it to six years, but one of them was chewed and loved and snuggled to ribbons. Fortunately, Sam's puking days are (mostly) over, and there is little need for a back-up blankie.

Peter has a back-up blankie, too. But Peter doesn't puke. At least not when he is not legitimately sick, as he was a month after we arrived in India and both Sam and Peter woke up in the middle of the night after eating bad ice cream. Bad ice cream?! I didn't even think that was possible, but it was.

One of Pete's blankies is definitely more worn than the other. But unlike Sam's primary blankie and back-up blankie, there is no benchwarmer. Both of Pete's blankies get equal playing time. For Pete, there is no primary blankie and back-up blankie; there is only cover blankie and pillow blankie.

Pete naps with both blankies. He lays himself down to sleep at night in a blankie sandwich, like an Oreo where he is the filling. The smaller and more worn of the duo is his pillow blankie and gets laid across his pillow like an extra pillow case. Then, the larger of the two is laid on top of him, his cover blankie.

Clementine has three blankies. Elise told me they came in a pack of three, and she can, at any point in the day, be seen carrying around at least two of them. All three hang out around the house. There is no back-up blankie. In Clem's opinion anyway, the more the merrier. 

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