Monday, February 3, 2014

Undersea Cheetah

Most kids call being underwater "underwater". Not Pete. To him, it is "undersea". Which makes it that much more mysterious and epic. Pete doesn't just go underwater, he goes undersea.

Up until recently, both Sam and Pete wore swim shirts when they went into the pool to protect them from the sun. They don't emulate me in many things. Elise may argue. Perhaps, they emulate me in more things than I know, but when I swim I don't wear a swim shirt. Maybe Pete and Sam noticed this, because they have started to strip off their swim shirts, too.

Along with Pete's swim shirt, off came his water wings, too. I don't think he even noticed he wasn't wearing them at first. He was literally swimming in the kiddie pool, his giant Matt Biondi (the Michael Phellps of my swim generation) flippers propelling him at impressive speed through the water. He even held his arms in a rigid, scarecrow-like pose, his forearm and upper arm at near-perfect ninety degree angles to one another, as though he still had water wings arm. In case you were wondering, it's pretty hard to swim that way, so I gently suggested to Pete he could use his arms, too, to swim.

A few minutes later, he beamed up at Elise and I and declared, "I'm swimming!"

Yes, he is swimming. He is also diving. So is Sam. And speaking of Sam, Sam is swimming with his arms out of the water and learning to take side breaths, too.

It didn't take long for Pete to go from swimming to pretending to be an undersea cheetah. I had heard of hippocampi, half-fish, half-horse beasts of burden ridden by mermen across the ocean floor, but I have yet to meet another mer-cheetah other than Pete. 

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