Friday, March 28, 2014


Usually, I am the one that gets to greet Clementine when she wakes up in the morning. She is now in her own room, so sometimes sleeps in a few minutes later than her brothers. When her mom goes to yoga in the mornings, I listen for her stirring in her crib.

When I lift her from her crib, I say, "Good morning," and she always says "Good morning" back. I ask her if she slept well and she always replies, "Yes."

The other morning, I had come downstairs to start breakfast, and Elise got to wake Clem up. Downstairs, in the kitchen, not yet having had the opportunity to ask Clementine how she slept, I asked, "Did you sleep good last night?"


"Do you feel rested?"

"Yes." (around pacie implanted firmly in mouth)

"Are you ready to tackle the day?"


I took that as a yes.

Clementine recently received birthday gifts from her grandparents in Cheney. They haven't seen her in awhile, but they know her too well.

Immediately upon opening the gifts, she put her hair up into a pony tail with the new pink hair ties she received. She put the Minnie Mouse head band in her air and asked me to put her watch on which she calls a "timer".

Then, she proceeded to inform us all that it was 2:40. It stayed 2:40 for the next several hours. I wish it could be 2:40 forever. 

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