Sunday, June 8, 2014

Heart Strings

I have this horrible habit of watching sappy song videos and movie trailers on YouTube whenever Elise goes out of town, which, thankfully, it is not very often. Last night, I stood in the kitchen freely bawling as Phillip Phillips won American Idol season 11. Am I the only one in the world that didn't know Phillip Phillips was on American Idol? I guess his music is more mainstream than I thought it was, but between this and only hearing the Pharrel (did I even spell that right??) song "Happy" that everyone has been dancing to for the last year and half for the first time yesterday, I'm starting to feel that this living overseas thing is making me more out of touch than I thought it was. At least the newest X-Men movie is showing here.

I watched the video to Phillip Phillips' song "Gone Gone Gone". This probably wasn't the smartest thing I did all day, considering my wife and I were going to be on opposite sides of the planet for the next five weeks. I'm playing it now in the background as I write this and a lump still wells in my throat. I'm a sap. What can I say?

As Elise flies further and further away, and the tethers that connect our hearts are pulled taut, I realize my life is more like a teen romance movie than not, tangled up in heart strings. We race through crowded city streets in an auto rickshaw holding hands. If Phillip Phillips were playing in the background we would be our own music video, making other lonely saps cry.

Of course, it's not like this everyday. Sometimes, the daily grit of our lives clogs our ducts. Every once in awhile, you have to pick the lint out of the lint trap to get the load to dry and warm.

You're my back bone.
You're my cornerstone.
You're my crutch when my legs stop moving.
You're my head start.
You're my rugged heart.
You're the pulse that I've always needed.
Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating.
Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating.
Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating.
Like a drum my heart never stops beating...

For you, for you.

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