Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Going Out of Business

There is an Indian airline, SpiceJet, that has been threatening to go out of business since we arrived in Chennai a year and a half ago. We've been discouraged to buy tickets on it because they may just stop operating one day. 

A plane flew overhead while we were at the pool--right over us so you could see the white underbelly--and Peter identified it as a SpiceJet.

"I think it's Air Asia," I told him. "SpiceJet is going out of business.

Later, back at the house, he asked me, "What does 'going out of business mean?'"

I said, "When a company doesn't make enough money to pay its bills it has to go out of business.

"Like SpiceJet....they can't pay all their bills."

Peter: "And what happens to the planes? Do they crash?"

Me: "No, they don't crash. They never take off."

Peter: "They just drive to where they are going?"

You just can't make this stuff up.  : )

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