Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tales from Summer Camp--Day 3

Pete just started a "summer camp" at his usual school. The first two-week session is titled "Smart Me", and he is learning etiquette, manners, and hygenine. We receive a daily email telling us what lessons were taught that day at summer camp.

When we ask Peter what he learned at summer camp, we get the inevitable shrug of the shoulders followed by a mumbled, "Nuthin'." When Elise emailed the headmistress of the school to ask her why Peter's clothes smelled like paint when he came home from camp yesterday, the story she received as a reply had Peter standing outside of a restroom, waiting for a friend to come out. The rest simply doesn't add up.

Between all these sources of information, I really have no idea what happen in Peter's day. I have to take a little piece of this fiction and a little piece of that fiction to splice together a narrative that I hope is somewhere close to reality.

With that, I leave you with Tales from Summer Camp--Day 3:

"Hello Parents,
You must be seeing a smarter child walking into your homes.  Consistency is the key word to success.  Please encourage and motivate them to practice tasks learnt to reach perfection.
 Day three will help enhance some important life skills buttoning, zipping, lacing, polishing shoes and basic sewing.  Self-sufficiency is the primary word in today’s world and that is what aLphabet is wishing and helping your little ones with.  A new art form called Mod Podging is taught for their craft today.  Find out from your kids what it is.
They did learn a new story too.
Have a great day until tomorrow."

Don't worry. I will definitely be asking Pete what Mod Podging is. And I can't wait to see his sewing. If it is anything like his drawing, he's probably already completed sewing his first fall line.

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