Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Ever since introducing them to Star Wars and having a screening of the original Star Wars (the kids call it "real life Star Wars" to differentiate it from the animated "Lego Star Wars" cartoons), Peter has been coveting a new Star Wars lego for some time now, a B-Wing star-fighter.

Peter is the star-fighter expert, and can with equal ease draw X-Wing, Y-Wing, B-Wing and probably several other letters of the alphabet-Wings

We (Peter, Sam, and I) also discovered that we have an enormous amount of lego bricks now from all the sets we have purchased. On the lego website, if your instructions get lost or damaged, you can re-print the instructions, which gave me the idea to--instead of buying new sets--to print the instructions to models we don't have and build them with the bricks we do already own.

Sam and Peter constructed Star Wars speeders in an afternoon using this technique, but the real test came when Peter and I tackled the B-Wing.

Believe it or not, the B-Wing lego in this photo below which a beaming and proud Peter is displaying was not bought from the Lego  Store for $150, but built from legos we already owned (on which we probably spent over $1,000 :)  and instructions printed off the internet.

It took several weeks to finish, and Peter did so today.

For me, it was a intertesting mechanical challenge to replicate all the moving pieces in the B-Wing using pieces we already owned, and some parts of the structure had to be re-engineered.

Anyway, Peter and I built 3/4 of the B-Wing together, and he brought it over the finish line all by himself perhaps rising to the biggest challenge of all...the "cockbin" (as he likes to call it)!

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