Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Recently, during Nanny's visit, we had a family game night of Charades, the kids' first. Each kid "coupled-up" (please forgive the Thomas the Tank Engine reference) with an adult who coached them in on their acting.

Sam and Elise were one team. Nanny and Pete another, and me and Clem the third. Pete, our actor (you really should see his impression of an old man), was a natural, but when it came to Clementine's first turn, she definitely--in my opinion anyway--stole the show.

Clementine spun the spinner and chose a card. On our card was the word 'refrigerator'. Clem came up to me smiling, and I whispered in her ear, "Pretend that you are getting something out of the refrigerator."

Clementine walked up to the impromptu "stage", still smiling, put her arms at her side and stood completely still.

No one could guess what she was.

After a minute or two, the boys gave up, and Clementine--having stayed completely still the whole time--finally burst, squealing, "I am a refrigerator!"

Best charades player ever.

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