Friday, May 22, 2015

Getting Real


So far, this summer has been much cooler than last year thanks to a few unexpected May rains. April and May are usually the hottest months in Chennai. June rains bring cooler weather, and by August, the worst of the summer has passed.

But the early rains are gone, and the worst of the May heat descended upon us this week. We've lapsed into survival mode until the June and July rains do come. Fingers crossed they come soon.

This time last year, Elise and the kids were preparing to head back to Washington State to wait out the molten core of the summer in a land where summer is not characterized by a heat that makes one physically ill, but rather brings to mind days spent playing in sprinklers, eating watermelon, chasing fireflies and drinking cold beers on the back porch or front stoop.

This year, Elise and the kids are not heading back to the States, and we are all preparing--much as someone might prepare for an oncoming typhoon--to brave the worst of the heat. Lots of trips to the pool, ice creams, cool malls and movies.

Looks like Nanny headed home just in time!

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