Monday, August 10, 2015

Dungeons & Dragons: Lesson One

This past weekend, Elise demanded we have a "Star Wars"-free day. Quite frankly, I think she's just become sick and tired (and maybe experiencing a little bit of PTSD from all the ion cannon explosions going off around her) of all the laser fire and questions about Star Destroyers.

We acquiesced. Saturday morning, I told the kids we were soon going to start our Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Immediately, their ears perked.

When we leave India, we will be greeted with two months of vacation. The first month will be spent in South Florida, and my dad has already agreed to let us stay in his vacant beachfront condo on Jupiter Island. This will be amazing: not only is it on the beach, has a great pool.... it is FREE!!! But I did say it was vacant, right? No furniture. No beds (we'll sleep on air mattresses). No plates or silverware (we'll eat off paper plates and use plastic cutlery). No TV. No internet. Holy crap! What are we going to do with three kids in a vacant condo for four weeks?!?!

We'll need games. And lots of them. That's what gave me the idea of Dungeons & Dragons.

This weekend, I started explaining them the very basics of the game. Lesson 1: Character Creation. So everyone got out pads of paper, colored pencils and pens and started drawing their respective teams. Below, is Sam's drawing which is nothing short of amazing:

Yes, that is a knight (with a coat of arms). I also told him his team might need a thief to sneak into palaces or dunegons, so Sam drew the ninja, and a dwarf to be a metalsmith. There was also a wizard.

The best part of this drawing is Sam's hands. I don't know where he learned how to draw hands that well, but it wasn't from me. 

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