Friday, October 2, 2015

Brunch Bunch

After nearly two years we finally treated ourselves to one of, arguably, the world's finest brunches. It wasn't that we didn't deserve it all along, it's just that we prefer lazy mornings and casual south Indian breakfasts at Sangeetha. 

Off to the Leela Palace we went.

This week we bid adieu to my friend and photographic parter-in-crime Ed Malcik. I am a mess of stupid emotions that always accompany goodbyes for me. This never gets any easier and if it did it wouldn't be worth a hoot. Brunch was a group of acquaintances from the consulate and our dear friends Ed and Sue. Worthy of spit shining this Band of Hannas for brunch at a palace and springing for the champagne upgrade. 

There have been so many reasons I've neglected posting here more frequently in the past two years, probably the same ones that have kept the bounty of written words from the heart of my husband at bay, but now that things wind to a close I hope to open up the floodgates that have been holding my thoughts from becoming words and pages and pages of words will be set free.

In short, this place in complicated, it's pleasures as bountiful as it's pain. A thing that I'll always hold close to my heart in photos and the quiet glances with the people that bravely walked this path with me. 

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