Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Clementine!

Yesterday, the smartest and sweetest little girl I know, Clementine, turned four! I am told she had a good day with mom, including a special visit to the nail salon for mother-daughter manicures. Elise told me the nail techs couldn't get enough of Clem, especially after she told them her name, and offered her a free hand massage because it was her birthday. She laid her head right down on the wrist pillow (see happy photo below) and almost fell asleep.

Elise also told me that when she and Clementine walked the boys to the bus stop in the morning and were greeted by one of the neighborhood moms, Clem burst out, "It's my birthday!" 

When I walked up to the house after work, Clementine was in the front window waiting for me. My return from work, signaled the start of her special family birthday party . I hadn't seen her all day and gave her a big kiss and hug when she opened the door for me. A quick change out of the suit and we were all ready for the festivities to begin. 

Per Clementine's request. Elise made her spaghetti for dinner, followed by presents, cake, and ice cream. Needless to say, a good time was had by all (more pics to come). 

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