Friday, June 10, 2016

Pete the Human and Pete the Cat

Since he was a small boy (he still is pretty small), one of Pete's favorite book is "Pete the Cat" (for obvious reasons).

In the book, Pete the Cat gets his shoes dirty, turning them from white, to blue, to red, to eventually brown, but--as Pete the Cat says--it's all good. He just takes it all in stride, singing his song.

This morning, Elise and Clementine went to Barnes & Noble to get some new math activity books for the summer (because that's the kind of parents we are...and are kids like math...what can we say...). There, they saw a Pete the Cat stuffed animal, so they got it for Petey, knowing how much he would love it.

When they got home, Clementine told me she got it for him, "So maybe he not have so many tantrums." (That's the pot calling the kettle black, if I ever heard it!)

That, my friends, is a picture of one happy boy. 

Elise and Clementine met Pete at the bus stop with Pete the Cat. When he got home, Pete asked his mother if Pete the Cat looked sad in the store, like he needed a friend to play with. 

Later, during Sam's soccer practice, Pete was spotted skipping around the playground with Pete the Cat on his shoulders. Money well spent.

"I'm just keep walking along, signing my song." -- Pete the Cat  

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