Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Management Class

I have spent the last six weeks in my management class learning the skills needed for my new job in Jordan. The schedule is much lighter than my schedule was when I was working downtown, but somehow doesn't afford me the time to needed to keep up this blog like I would like. I don't know where the extra time goes. I spend it getting stuff done at home and with the kids, I guess. There is no shortage of goings-on in our life; which is also a double-edged sword. The more we have going on, the less time we have to document it here. 

Recently, Peter and Clementine have both started their soccer practices. Everyone is in soccer this spring! Which will make for a hectic few months since we now have three nights of soccer practice a week. Not counting games! Sam hasn't started practice yet (the weather didn't cooperate last week and spring break starts the end of this week), but he is very much looking forward to it. 

Sam now has his own work desk in the basement where he can have some private time to work on his science experiments. Peter and Clementine know the area is off limits and have largely respected Sam's space. It seems to be affording him the time and space he needs to clear his head after school. 

A few weeks ago, we all drove down to South Carolina to visit Elise's grandmother. The kids were phenomenal in the car. They listened to Pippy Longstocking on books-on-tape most of the way. We won't take another road trip without a books-on-tape again.

Elise went to New York last weekend for her annual pilgrimage to the AIPAD conference. The kids and I hung out for the weekend, going to the zoo and to see Boss Baby. 

I know a list of all the things we have done in the last few weeks is mostly uninteresting and not a replacement for a regular blog post where I hope I paint a better story of things happening in our lives, but I felt the need to explain the absence and set the scene for better blog posts to come. 

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