Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wax Museum

For a school project, Sam had to give a presentation on a famous historical figure. He chose Abraham Lincoln. Good choice. Apparently, one of the figures you could choose was Emma Watson, and I was surprised to hear the twenty year-old actress most famous for playing Hermione Granger on the sliver screen was a famous historical persona. Sam was quick to inform me she was an activist, so in that respect, I thought it was kind of cool they had identified a peer as someone worthy of historical mention. I think it is important to remember history is constantly being made and Sam and his classmates are no less likely to be famous historical figures some day than Abraham Lincoln or Harriet Tubman. Maybe Sam will aspire to be an activist, too.

His neighbor and good friend was chose to portray Abraham Lincoln. Elise got a kick out of watching the two Abes goof around together.

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