Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Medal Ceremony

We are reaching the end of the the soccer season. I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I'm going to miss watching the kids play, the wind running through their hair. On the other, I am looking forward to greeting a Saturday morning without having to wrestle Clementine into her shin guards and knee high-socks, "When I push, you have to push back!" It's like putting a sock on a wet spaghetti noodle!

Sam's season ended on a last-second, game-winning goal (very literally last-second...the goal rolled into the net and the whistle blew almost simultaneously!). Peter and Clementine both have one more game this weekend. Though Peter has one more game, he received his medal for the season at a brief ceremony following last Saturday's game.

The kids watched "Mighty Ducks" Sunday night after our hike. Now, Peter is asking me if they have ice hockey in Jordan. I told him we'll just have to wait and see.....

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