Thursday, May 10, 2018

Baseball Photos

While Elise and I were in Beirut, Sam and Peter had a baseball game.

Last weekend, marked Peter's debut as catcher. A frightening prospect actually since he had little to know idea what he was doing.

I looked on apprehensively as I allowed a grown man to throw rock-hard baseballs at my son's head. This placed me in the awkward position of hoping he wasn't hit, rooting for him to make a big play, and also restrain myself from rushing the coach who was pitching and tell him to stop trying to hit my son. Peter mostly had the good sense to dodge the baseballs and try not to be a hero.

Sadly, I don't think the kids are too into baseball. They complain that it is too slow. They regularly hit the ball when it is their turn to bat and their team is pretty decent. I guess last weekend, Peter struck out on his two at-bats, though at this age it is still mostly about the end-of-game snack which has gone from a simple piece of fruit or bag of chips with a juice box to a full-fledged meal in a sack. By the time Peter and Sam are taking their own kids to play baseball, "snack" will be a buffet table with chaffing dishes and an omelette station.