Friday, January 11, 2019

Love Me Tender

A few days ago, the forecast was for snow. So Clementine’s teacher told her that if she flushed two ice cubes down the toilet, wore her pajamas backwards, and put a spoon under her pillow, it would snow.

Clementine did all these things, but, alas, it did not snow. The kids may have seemed somewhat mystified that we made them go to school. Evidently, all their friends were going to stay home anyway, based on the mere promise of snow. 

Sam is looking forward to band starting. He doesn’t know what instrument he will get to play, but is digging the ukulele he got for Christmas and is teaching himself to play “Yellow Submarine”. It’s Peter’s turn with the recorder and he can belt out a mean version of “Hot Cross Buns”. It’s time to get them all into some more formal music instruction. 

Despite being furloughed, my office hosted a big visit this past week, the highlight of which was standing on the tarmac in 35 degree weather and getting to see a C-130 land. I took pictures for the kids. A picture is worth a thousand words but even a picture can’t capture how loud one of those things are. In the wake of the visit, I started using Sensodyne and had the tip of my ear cut off for a biopsy. The combination of the two made me feel much older than my 46 years. Which only steels my resolve and makes me want to run even faster and even further than ever. 

Elise got up early this morning and cycled 60 kilometers up and down the Dead Sea Road. I was more than a little jealou, but am glad she got to go and not surprised at all that she totally slayed it. 

A couple of nights ago, Elise and I were sitting in the play room relaxing after dinner when we were unexpectedly serranaded by our three children.

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