Thursday, February 28, 2013

Parenting Conversations via Text Messaging

As I was riding the shuttle to work this morning, my pocket buzzed. Elise was sending me a text message:

E: "What did Clem eat this morning? She has terrible diarrhea and diaper rash?!?"

P: "Boiled egg, hash browns and raspberries"

E: "We're (sic) the raspberries still Good?"

P: "I thought so. I finished them."

A few seconds later...

P: "Not mushy."

E: "Ok."

P: "Sorry. I hope she feels better :( "

E: "Could have been the pizza last night. Did Pete poop today?"

P: "Yes. Sam too"

A few seconds later I realized the need to clarify as we have been working to keep Peter from pooping in his pull-up,

P: "Pete in toliet."

Fortunately, not all of our text conversations center on the movements of our children. But I will take this anyday over what I imagine we will be texting about when they all become teenagers (perhaps by then, however, Google Telepathy will be the latest technological craze, and Elise and I can just mindspeak our parenting conversations).

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