Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Princess With the Really Long Hair

Pete is really into princesses right now.  He has been playing "Princess with the Really Long Hair" for weeks with a piece of orange ribbon and/or a pink shoelace. Lost on the sofa's top or window ledge in make-believe land, I hear him whisper-yelling, "You have to save her! The pwincess with the willy willy long hair!" as he dangles a single orange grosgrain ribbon to the floor.

"Pete, you mean Rapunzel? Her name is Rapunzel."

"Mom, princess don't need names."

Apparently they just need saving, hey we all need a little saving sometimes.

When given the choice to buy a Thomas the Train Highlights magazine or a Princess magazine, princesses win every time.

When we play at the playground he clambers up the rock wall holding on at the top to a rope reminding me he is saving the princess with the really long hair.

He wants to make sure I know every time I try on a dress or put a curl in my hair that I'm a princess and that Clementine will be a princess someday, too.

He builds towers for her, pulls down branches for her and pretends to cut my "willy willy long hair" with his willy willy long fingers. He tells me he doesn't want it "windy" (curly) he wants it to be "willy long" like the Rapunzel's.

He would strike you as a child who watches too many movies, too many times, but I assure you that is not the case. He has seen Tangled once and read the book we bought a handful of times. We don't even have an abundance of princess playthings in our home, Clem is just too little and those aren't the things that draw Pete to them.

He is into something that is different than what Sam is into and it is his "cause" right now and  he his quite dedicated to it.

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