Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Review

This weekend was perfection. 

We've taken to eating dinner at an embarrassingly early hour in order to avoid the dinner hour scramble, the one where Paul desperately entertains the "bonking" children (a term we still use from Paul's triathlon days) while I frantically cook and often forget a vegetable or a main ingredient in the process.  Recently to avoid said scramble, I begin dinner while the kids nap and put dinner on the table between 4 and 5. Perhaps it is even little bit of Brazil we've kept with us.  By 5:30 or 6:00pm all bellies are full and head outside to enjoy spring evenings.

Friday night we ate dinner together as we always do, then loaded up the Phil & Teds for a walk throughout the bloom covered neighborhoods that surround Club Med Oakwood . We played at a nearby park until bath-time then headed home to catch the tail end of bingo in the common room, which has proven to be an excellent way for the boys to learn numbers and letters and for us to learn why we don't play bingo. We stink at it. We don't win the crap we don't need anyway like tiny tubes of sunscreen and gift certificates to Burger King, but leave for a consolation prize of ice cream and knowing the letters BINGO a little better.

On Saturday morning we loaded up the jogging strollers with kids, granola bars and water and took a beautiful four mile run along the commuter trails that run throughout Falls Church and ended at the farmer's market as we often do. We snacked on fresh mini-donuts and homemade rosemary bread for Sunday dinner then wandered to Starbucks before meandering home through the hidden pathways and unfolding playgrounds of our neighborhood.

We all napped.

Saturday night Paul and I went out for his early birthday celebration. We revisited one of our favorite rooftop lounges in Clarendon for a cocktail and dined at a hip little Greek tapa-style restaurant called Cava Mezze up the street.

Sunday we loaded another set of active gear that we own (and have never regretted buying for a second or allowing it to take up room in our UAB that my precious shoe collection could have inhabited) and headed up to Potomac Overlook Park for a hike. Once we arrived we learned that there is no longer an over look, which made the whole "overlook" part a little bit of a disappointment, but the hike through the lush green of spring on a quiet Sunday morning. We wandered the trails, watched birds, talked about nature and life cycles and finally retreated to District Taco for giant breakfast burritos, coffee and tacos for the kids...their new favorite dish.

We all napped again.

Tonight to cap off the perfect weekend we're celebrating 41 years of Paul....

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