Friday, September 27, 2013

She Said: Camping + iphonography

Last weekend as Paul told you we went camping. It wasn't even his idea. I had to talk him into it. You see, we live our life a little like a person who has been given a diagnosis with only a certain about of days to live in a particular place. You get the idea. With only six weeks left in the States, there are place we want to get our fill of, but mostly people. 

Morgan and I have been planning play-dates like school-girls, packing in adventures and memories, like you can stock this kind of stuff up for a long winter, in India.

Until then Paul is treating me like a pubescent schoolgirl and he is humoring me, even when I say: "Hey! Guess what? I'll tell you what, Morgan and I are planning a camping trip!" because he knows my idea of camping is roasting s'mores in the fireplace of the lobby at the Ritz Carlton. 

I spent the week readying us for our big weekend, menu planning, outfit planning and such. The day we arrived was beautiful and cool and I'd have never once imagined myself a few hours later, within the pages of a Krakauer novel, even though I knew Morgan hadn't borrowed a heated Yurt for our slumber. 

Here we are just after we arrived to the campsite and had not yet discovered we had no firewood, or tent. I may or may not be dressed like we are going boating, it turns out I don't "do" camping apparel. The color is much to drab and moisture wicking fabrics just don't seem to flatter. I did however set my hair free to curl, thus prepping it for two days without a shower, so you can't say I wasn't prepared, in the beauty sense. I also only packed my 5 minute face of makeup, which I'll have you know I never used.

Thankfully the Loosli's arrived moments later with our tent and Phill's Boyscout fire-building knowledge. We ate and lounged by the fire watching the bugs and roasting s'mores. 

The rest of the night is a bit of a blur, er "burr". There were parts that I thought were a dream and parts I wished were a dream. The highlight of the night was peeking out of the tent to see if the lights were out in the minivan signaling that Clem was indeed asleep and seeing the entire galaxy laid out perfectly above our tent. It is something that I'd forgotten that made the whole ordeal worth while.

The minivan warm-up. FYI, 5 kids and a box of Kix will take several weeks or a professional car detail to clean-up and the Chrysler Town and Country should have an LL Bean edition, this beast is rugged.

After warming up we hit up this meadow. It was incredible. The boys climbed trees and frozen nights were forgotten...

Just not forgotten enough to stay a second night.

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Dani said...

This, and Paul's take, made me laugh. I'll never forget the first time I took Chris camping. His only prior experience was as a FS kid who grew up in India. I knew he was joking when he said "what do you mean there isn't a sherpa to carry the tent, set up the charpoys with down comforters and brew tea before we arrive in camp?" but I wasn't sure exactly what he was expecting either. Go figure it was me who woke up in the middle of the night clutching his bicep, frozen in fear, convinced there was a "bear" right outside the tent.