Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Let's go ahead and flashback really quick for nostalgia sake: 

Halloween 2008: Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat.

Halloween 2009: The cutest bus in the world.

Halloween 2010 (aka embracing failure): The Thomas that never was

Halloween 2011: Store bought dinosaur, hand-made hot air balloon.

Halloween 2012: Lion man, Jo-Jo and the Speck.

Halloween 2013:

Jake (Sam), Cubby (Peter) and Izzy (Clementine) as Jake and The Neverland Pirates. 

"Yo ho ho!"

The kids watch their hour of tv usually just before we take Sam and Peter to school, just like we did when we were kids. The usual line up is "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and "Jake and The Neverland Pirates." 

A few months back the kids realized together, that since there are three Neverland Pirates and three of them that they were in fact the Neverland Pirates. They even had an Izzy and what a great Izzy she was.

They sell these costumes, they are 100% lame compared to these, in my opinion, because these are made with love and with the help of the kids and our imaginations. Paul and I don't believe in buying costumes, that was perfect really until 2010-ish and then we modified our beliefs to, "We don't believe in at least making or trying to make part of our costumes." Because I didn't go to art school for nothing folks. I believe in good design in all aspects of my life. Just look at these faces, hand crafted, perfect.  

I made the boys vests, boot-covers, modified their t-shirts and bought the headbands. I made Clem's boot covers, bandana and pixie dust bag. We bought the sword and spyglass and Sam made Peter a map. 

Babies and costumes are usually a bust, but once she got over the screaming when I put pigtails in her hair and slapped a lollipop in her hand, Clementine acted like she had done this for years and years. She stormed off without the boys to get started.

It won't come as a surprise to you that we tricked and treated with our BFFs. We tricked all through out Oakwood apartments and after just two of four buildings the kids had their fill and we headed home. The boys were just as tickled to hand out candy on the other side of the door as to receive it. It was arguably the best Halloween ever. A perfect balance of fun and insanity, friendship and sugar highs.

and me taking pictures until everyone is ready to pass out.

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