Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Last Wednesday, our anniversary, our second shipment of stuff arrived. We're expecting four such shipments. The first, and smallest, came by airplane from DC. If you ask each member of our family which shipment you are most looking forward to, you will get a different answer. The first shipment had most of Sam and Pete's legos in it.

The second shipment came by sea, also from DC. This shipment had our new treadmill in it. Guess who was most looking forward to this shipment?

Answers in?


It wasn't me. It was Peter.

To be fair, I should have also told you that I made a monumental error when the movers were packing our air shipment, because I included Sam's bike that he got for Christmas, but not Peter's. Oops. The picture below was taken as they were unloading his bike from the truck.

This is what I call customer service. I think Elise counted eleven movers. I believe we had three in Washington.

My favorite was this old guy in the background of this photo. I think I saw him carry one box. 

Here comes the bike!

Now, we have just two more shipments to go. Our consumables, which will include all the cookies and crackers and treats we were allowed to ship to India with us, and our stuff from Brazil which we haven't seen in over a year...since we left December, 2012.  

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