Sunday, June 22, 2014


For some reason, after having two kids, I expected the novelty to wear off. This is, I realize now, ridiculous. I am talking about Clementine, of course. I should have known better.

I thought, in watching two babies grow up, I had seen and heard everything there was for babies to say and do. Elise kept a list of Sam-isms and Pete-isms. Sam called water 'mlex' for some reason. Pete still adds to his list daily. Not in words, per say, but in the the fascinating phrases he uses to describe the world as he perceives it.

But there was never really a list of Clementine-isms that I'm aware of. That is mostly because she has always been extremely articulate. When I told a childless colleague at work that Clementine had recently turned two, he asked me, "Does she talk?"

I stared him.

Does she talk? Are you kidding me?

She's either already auditioning for her place on The Talk or going to be a trial lawyer. Of the three of them, she is already most likely to be on debate club or sit for the bar.

And the fact that she has always been so articulate doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't have a few of her own -isms. My favorite is 'eekid' which is the words "Eeek!" and 'naked' combined, because when she runs around naked, my first reaction is to cry, "Eeeek!"

Clementine is also fond of emphasizing her statements with the word 'actually'. For example, "Mom said we could watch one more show...actually."

I'm not sure if she gets this from me, Elise, or Sam who has picked up my use of the phrase 'as well'. I was never good at leaving it at 'too'.

Watching the dynamics between the three of them is insanely interesting, and I am sure it will become even more so as the grow together. Sam could not be, at the same time, more alike and unlike Peter, and to watch them both interact with Clementine on both their best and worst days offers but a glimpse of what this triumvirate is capable of achieving.


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