Saturday, June 21, 2014

Puppy Purse

I was at work the other morning and received the following email from Elise which immediately warmed my heart and made me smile. They had all gone to Wolf Lodge in Idaho for dinner and I was anxious to hear that they had made it home safely. I hope Elise doesn't mind me sharing: 

"We made it home. Dinner was fantastic as usual. Boys split a kids steak the size of the one I get and ate the WHOLE thing. In minutes. Tried their tomato basil soup, and both said it was good. Everyone had EXCELLENT behavior as requested and other tables that looked wary of our placement near them commented on how well behaved the kids were. Clem shared my steak with me and ate it all in seconds, too. 

Clem in next to me in bed snoozing. I wish you were here, it was hard to enjoy dinner when you are really the one that loves it there. 

Pete cried for you tonight. He was either tired or not tired or it was too hot or cold or something. He and Sam got a hold of one of my dad's model train magazines and have been obsessing about how to earn $400 to buy one. They've been asking me what kind of chores they can do and planning on selling their thomas the train set to earn money. It is both adorable and exhausting. Lulu got a new puppy dog purse tonight on our shopping trip. My mom found it for her and i couldn't say no for $10. She is carrying it around like a little lady cross body."

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