Monday, August 7, 2017

Christmas in August

When it became evident our air freight (containing the Legos and most of the kids' other toys) wasn't going to arrive as quickly as I originally thought, I got on Amazon and sprung for some new toys to be shipped to Amman.

Hearing they could come in as short a time as three days from the States, Elise and I were optimistic we would soon have a quick and easy remedy to combat the kids' boredom. 

Unfortunately, though the packages arrived at the receiving point in Washington, D.C. before other packages we ordered and received in a few days, the toys didn't make it here as quickly, and, in fact, ended up arriving a whole week after our air freight. 

At any rate, it was Christmas in August last night in our household. 

Sam had requested battling remote-control spider robots. Here he is, fighting mom on the dinner table. You don't necessarily have to close your eyes to do combat. 

Peter has been obsessed with airplanes since our 10 hour flight on Royal Jordanian airways. The promise of a plane ride is really the only way we got him to Jordan in the first place. 

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