Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Kid's Baking Challenge

One of the kid's favorite shows is the Kid's Baking Challenge on the Food Network. 

In the show, a dozen bakers between the age of 8-12 compete in various baking challenges. It's hard to watch the show and not want something sweet right before you go to bed.

Sam had the idea that he wanted to make macaroons, so he and Elise spent Friday morning in the kitchen. They didn't quite have all the ingredients and equipment they needed, but they tried anyway, and though they didn't come out quite right form-wise, the taste was good enough to merit a second attempt in the coming weeks.

Clem -- not to be outdone -- also wanted to participate, so I had to make tiny cupcakes with her, if for no other reason than to keep her out of Sam's hair and space. We even had enough cupcake batter left over to make what we called a "skinny cake", basically a cake that was about a centimeter high. I may be on to something! All the taste and only half the calories!

The skinny cake

Tiny cupcakes

Tasting her wares!

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