Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Exhibit A & B

There comes a time in every artists life when all her hard work is recognized, she hopes that happens before she dies and not after as is often the case. I wanted to be an artist, a maker and a creator for as long as I can remember. I'd pick flowers in the yard and make pencil drawings of them, I'd turn those same flower petals into rose perfume in the sun, I drew self portraits, wrote stories and I dreamed of art school. I dropped out of University to make it happen. I was never sure of anything except that if I didn't create I wouldn't ever be happy. I took the long road, one I'm still traveling, but I am proud to say that I think I'm making it happen.

Exhibit A

Last week I was asked, along with my friend Ed Malcik, by our new Consular General to exhibit our collection of Chennai photographs which we've dedicated ourselves to in the past year. It isn't always the case that the spouses of Diplomats are recognized for our sacrifice, but moreover for our success in these crazy situations and we have to make our own way once we are at post. We scream a lot to be heard as artists in a new place, but Mr. Phillip Min recognized us right away and for that I am so very grateful. I displayed nearly 20 photographs in his residence for a private gathering of some of some important names in the city and people who greatly appreciated the show. I could not have been more pleased with the response and hope to begin work on the Chennai book I've been dreaming of for the past year. 

Exhibit B

I was also recently published in an arts and culture quarterly magazine called majestic disorder which you can purchase here. I was asked to provide an interview about my life here in Chennai as a film photographer and as a artist and submit some of my favorite photos which span the pages of the magazine. I have so much more in the works so stay tuned and keep up to date at www.elisehanna.com/blog when you can.

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